Post:Mi. 10.02.2016 18:45h

Durchbruch für autonome Fahrzeuge in den U. S. A. 


On Tuesday, the […] National Highway Traffic Safety Administration […] released a letter to [Google] that supports its interpretation of a driverless system as legally adequate for roadways […].

Previously, the NHTSA only considered humans as drivers under law, because that’s how cars worked until Google came along. Now the agency has said it will consider Google’s self-driving system a driver, too.

The letter came in response to a November petition from Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s self-driving car project. Urmson argued that regulators should treat Google’s homemade cars, built without a steering wheel and brakes, on par with human drivers. It’s been a persistent sticking point for the Google unit, particularly after California issued draft autonomous vehicle rules expressly prohibiting driverless cars.

Da kann man über Google sagen was man will – das haben sie gut hingekriegt. Davon wird die gesamte Industrie profitieren, wenn (falls) autonome Autos mal gut genug funktionieren. 

Damit dürfte dann auch final geklärt sein, wer die Konsequenzen eines evtl. Unfalls zu tragen hat: der Fahrer, auch wenn das ein „Roboter“ ist.